Lee County Supervisor for District 2


Nathan Cope has officially announced that he is seeking the Republican nomination for Treasurer of Lee County. Nathan has several accomplishments and experiences that will assist in progressing the Treasurer's Office and help serve the citizens of Lee County.

- Served the community through the Department of Corrections for over 20 years

- Holds the highest ranked security position, Chief of Security (Oversees 3.5 million dollar budget)

- Current Chairman of the Lee County Board of Supervisors (Vice-chairman in 2018)

- As a BOS member, experience in overseeing and balancing a 60 million dollar Lee County budget

- Selected to serve on multiple committees to include:

- Joint Budget Committee with LCPS
- AppCAA (Personnel Chairman)
- Lenowisco
- Social Services Policy and Procedure Board
- EMS Director of Lee County (911, Sheriff’s Office, Fire and Rescue)
- Attended PSA meetings as BOS representative
- Attended IDA meetings as BOS representative


Goals if Elected:

- Extend the office hours on Thursdays to coincide with the Commissioner of the Revenue Office. This will assist citizens by allowing them to completely resolve tax questions or issues.

- Extend office hours during tax season to better accommodate citizens that are working during normal business hours.

- Explore options for online bill paying that would reduce or eliminate the standard 2.4% currently charged.

- Explore options to divide due dates for Personal Property taxes and Real Estate taxes. This would lessen the burden of both being due right before Christmas and during winter months.

- Maintain an open door policy to take suggestions from the community and seek innovative ways to best serve Lee County.


Nathan is no stranger to public service or hard work. During his time as BOS member, he has attended 216 meetings to assist and improve the County.

This has contributed to 60 jobs being added through England Furniture and assisted the Hospital Authority by supporting efforts to open a hospital back up in Lee County. He also supported adjusting the insurance package offered to County employees, so that they pay lower premiums.

Nathan has also coached golf at TWHS, served on the Board of Cedar Hill Country Club (Balanced the budget and decreased the deficit by $100,000), and been faithfully involved with the Republican Party.

Nathan believes that his experience and strong relationship with the Board of Supervisors, experience with budgets and finance, and strong commitment to public service makes him an excellent candidate. He is Pro God, Pro Life, Pro American and Pro Gun. Nathan humbly asks for your support as seeks the Republican nomination for Treasurer of Lee County.