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Gary Parsons is the Lee County Sheriff

Sheriff Gary Parsons is a lifelong resident of Lee County. He graduated from Keokee High School and attended UVA Wise where he received a bachelor's degree. He also holds an associates degree in Criminal Justice from Mountain Empire Community College. He is a graduate of Southwest Law Enforcement Academy and has received numerous trainings in all aspects of law enforcement. Including holding a certificate in advanced law enforcement management from the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Parsons has nearly 28 years of law enforcement experience, all of which has been with the Sheriff's Office. He was hired in 1987 and worked 4 years as a patrol officer before being promoted to criminal investigator for 6 years.

He was appointed Sheriff in 1996 after the untimely death of Sheriff R.V. Chadwell. He has served as Sheriff ever since and has been successfully elected 5 times by the citizens of Lee County.

Parsons said, "As Sheriff I have always fought hard against drug dealers and drug related crimes, having placed tens of thousands of drug charges since becoming Sheriff and knowing that drugs are what fuel most all other crimes. I have always insisted on a clean courteous professional staff. I have always had an open door policy and have never forgotten that I work for the people of Lee County, and answer to them. If re-elected I pledge to continue to be fair, honest and respectful to you the citizens that were kind enough to give me the office".

Parsons and his wife Shanda live in Jonesville. He has four stepchildren and 5 grandchildren.

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