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Dennis "DD" Leonard

Lee County Supervisor for District 5

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Dennis "DD" Leonard


My name is Dennis Leonard and all my friends call me "DD". I am your current Lee County Supervisor for District 5.

I am currently serving on the Lenowisco Board, The VCC Board, Lee Co Rehab Board, IDA Sub Committee, Joint BOS and School Board Committee.  All of these boards are an important part of my goals for building a better Lee County.

Some of my success to date include, getting more affordable health care plans for county employees so they could have more take home pay, working with IDA, and England Furniture to bring good paying jobs into the county, investing in a digital system for our first responders including our Sheriffs Dept, Fire and Rescue Depts, working to get grants for water and sewer projects, working with the Hospital Authority and Americore towards getting a hospital back in Lee County, plus working with VDOT to get as many gravel roads paved as we can, and I’m currently working hard to get broadband and cell service to areas that don’t have it. 

DD has proudly served on several committees that have accomplished many great things for Lee County including:

- Lowering the tax rate

- Serving on The Lenowisco Board
(aquiring millions of dollars in sewer and water projects)

- Serving on the Hospital Subcommittee (worked with the Hospital Authority to reopen the hospital)

- Serving on the IDA subcommittee 
(helped bring in England Furniture, adding 60 jobs. Expects 35-40 more jobs in the very near future)

- Serving on the Communications Committee
(Added 2 cell towers and updated radio equipment to improve public safety)

- Proposed a new insurance plan that would help our county employees keep a great plan but also provide it at a substantially lower premium so they could have more take home pay.



- Keep tax rates low
- Broadband expansion
- More water and sewer projects
- Add more jobs to Lee County

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