Lee County Supervisor for District 1


I am Robert Smith and am Seeking Re-Election of District 1 Supervisor


I am married to Janice, my wife of 41 years; my son is Landon and daughter in law Samantha

For the past 3 years my goal has been to help the citizens of District 1 and all Lee County 

Worked diligently to acquire cell towers for the Western End of the County

Bring water to needed areas

Help to bring a much needed hospital back to the County

Bring jobs through England's Furniture

Robert Smith has officially announced that he is seeking re-election for BOS for District 1. Robert has served on several committees and has many accomplishments to improve Lee County. Robert also has many goals for the future to include:


- The opening of England Furniture, which added 60 new jobs to Lee County. There is 35-40 more jobs expected in the near future.

- Worked with the Hospital Authority to re-open a Hospital in Lee County.

- In process of acquiring cell towers/service to Rose Hill, Ewing and Elydale.

- Has acquired the approval of funding for water projects in Giles and Holiness Hollows.

- The Western End Sewer Project (Should begin by the end of this year).

-Construction of Golf Course Road (Summer 2019).



- Continue to seek a business for the Shell Building in Rose Hill

- Continue to work toward getting public water to all persons who are in need

- Strive to get more gravel roads paved


Robert has a positive attitude, a good work ethic, and many hopes for improving Lee County if re-elected.